Holy mackerel what an exciting November it was. The Best Seller came down to the wire. With the Christmas releases and Black Friday Sale it was our juiciest month and the competition was RUTHLESS. We had a bonus release on the last day of the month that made a huge push during the waning hours. But then I asked the universe for one more purchase and at 8:46 PM my prayers were answered while simultaneously we found ourselves a winner!

Rudolph and that red beak of his was our winner for Best Seller of November. Santa would be proud.

But the million dollar question....would Grinch x Kropp Tops have won if released earlier in the month? It may have been too big a load for Rudolph to pull. Unfortunately we will never find out. I hope no one loses sleep over this.


1. Rudolph

2a. Grinch x Kropp Tops

2b. You're a Lean One

2c. Yukon x Bumble Socks

5. Jacked Frost

The Christmas designs dominated.  Tune in next month to see if there were any Christmas miracles!